Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Herpes Support Story-Some people might judge but don’t listen to them

My Story with herpes
I’m Christina, 25 living in Massachusetts and I was diagnosed 08/01/14 but before all that I remembered when it happened which will be a year (07/09/14) I met a guy that I thought it would work out and such but turns out he didn’t know what we wanted in life and I was the idiot that had a crush on him, we hung out one day and went to his house, one thing lead to another and the next day I woke up to this burning feeling and thought I was having a UTI but I went to the hospital got treatment, days later I felt some bumps around my general area and as I looked I saw 3 white bumps and one hidden near my clitoris, I went to my doctor and got test down and turns out I have herpes, I told the guy about it had he was like “oh yeah I kinda forgot to tell you I’m sorry” since then he never spoke to me or even tried to help me out with this. 

I went to a deep depression and started seeing a therapist for many months I felt so disgusted with myself and felt like no one would want to be with me.I did my own research to get an idea of what I was going to go through.

 I told some close friends I was shocked that I lost friends cause of it and only 3 of them accepted it but I didn’t had any friends that actually stuck by me during the times when I needed someone, since I found out I didn’t tell my family and until now I haven’t told them but one day I really needed someone as comfort and I told my sister she was shocked that I would keep this from her but is there when I need her. 

I started going on tumblr and some herpes dating sites to express myself and such and I came across blogs about herpes and I started to follow them and reading their stories, I felt a bit better knowing I wasn’t alone. dating wasn’t easy and guys would always tell me their okay with it but I would never hear from them after that, on tumblr I came across someone talking about this dating website positive singles I went on there to try it out and as a result I made a friend that lives near me but single. What I learned from this is that stuff happens, some people might judge but don’t listen to them, keep your head up and stay strong, better days will come. 

You may have herpes, but you are not herpes. You are so much more than your diagnosis.

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