Monday, September 7, 2015

Do not let Herpes Control You

I know some days it can feel like no one is going to accept you Either due to an uncomfortable OB or a rude rejection.But I promise you there are people out there who will love you just the same.
The other day I apologized to my noyfriend (who does not have hsv) because I had an unpleasant oral OB and couldn’t make out or give oral (things I wanted to do not things he was asking for) and he told me:

“I’m not with you for the sex, it is great but that’s not why I’m with you. You never have to apologize for an out break. Thank you for keeping me informed but it doesn’t bother me.”
So I promise people like him are out there. You just have to find the sweet ones. The ones who don’t care if you shaved or not, the ones that will caress you and hold you while you cry and tell you everything will be okay, the ones that will take you for coffee/tea at a cute french cafĂ© before showing you a riverwalk. They exist I promise. Don’t give up. You are beautiful and lovely and someone will be lucky to have you, regardless of if you have herpes.

We know finding out you have an STD can really emotionally affect you just as much as it can physically affect you, if not worse. I know it feels like the end of the world but I promise you are beautiful/handsome and life can be lovely again. Take control of your life again! -Much Love, 

Find  herpes support group  around you.

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