Sunday, July 2, 2017

Herpes Health Clinics Around New Zealand

New Zealand herpes, sexual health clinic
If you think you may have genital herpes,  you  may get help from  a  herpes  clinic provide a specialist, confidential, free of charge service to everyone.

Below is a list of  herpes and other sexual health clinics around New Zealand. You can get help from other people in the same boat. You can find local herpes support group or join a herpes dating site to meet them.

RegionPhone Number
Whangarei Sexual Health Clinic09 438 6123
Auckland Central Sexual Health Clinic09 630 9770
Auckland West Sexual Health Clinic09 836 0838
Auckland South Sexual Health Clinic09 255 5172
Auckland North Shore Sexual Health Clinic09 443 9580
Hamilton Sexual Health Service07 839 8732
New Plymouth Sexual Health Clinic0508 739 432
Rotorua STD Clinic07 349 7918
Tauranga STD Clinic07 579 8157
Whakatane STD Clinic07 306 0804
Taupo STD Clinic07 378 3895
Napier Sexual Health Centre0800 303 099
Hastings Sexual Health Centre0800 303 099
Gisborne Sexual Health Clinic06 868 9005
Palmerston North Sexual Health Service06 350 8602
Horowhenua STD Clinic06 350 8602
Dannevirke Outreach Clinic0800 808 602 OR
06 350 8602

Whanganui STD Clinic06 348 1234
Wellington Sexual Health Service04 385 9879
Porirua Outreach Clinic04 385 9879
Lower Hutt Outreach Clinic04 567 6501
Lower Hutt Youth Service04 566 0525 OR
04 385 9879
Blenheim Sexual Health Clinic03 578 3044
Nelson STD Clinic03 546 5255
Christchurch Sexual Health Clinic03 364 0485
Christchurch Family Planning03 379 0514
Ashburton03 307 8453
Timaru STD Clinic03 684 4000 ext 8762
Wakatipu Sexual Health and Family Planning Clinic03 441 0565 OR
03 442 0514
Wanaka Sexual Health and Family Planning Clinic03 443 1226
Dunedin Sexual Health Clinic03 470 9780
Invercargill Sexual Health Service03 214 5768
Gore Outreach Clinic03 208 9090 OR
03 214 5768
Westcoast Sexual Health Centre03 768 0499 ext 2751

The key facts you may know

 As many as one in three adults has the virus that causes genital herpes.
 Around 80% of people infected with genital herpes don't know they have the virus because they have very mild symptoms or none at all.

Over 50% of people who have genital herpes get it from people who are entirely unaware that they have herpes themselves.

The emotional impact of being diagnosed with genital herpes is often much worse than the condition and it doesn't deserve the upset it causes.

Oral herpes, also known as cold sores, is commonly transmitted to the genitals through oral genital contact. Up to 50% of genital herpes is caused by the oral cold sore type of herpes simplex. There is effective treatment available if herpes symptoms are problematic.

The symptoms of genital herpes vary enormously. It can show up as blisters or sores, but it can also just produce a mild rash. And whatever symptoms do appear may be on the thighs, back, fingers, and of course the genitals.

The herpes virus can be passed on when there are no symptoms present. Most people who infect others with herpes don't realise they are even putting their partners at risk.

Using condoms reduces the risk of passing on the herpes virus, but doesn't completely eliminate it. Daily medication can prevent recurrences of the herpes virus and reduce the risk of transmission to partners.

Having genital herpes is not associated with causing cervical cancer.

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